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Mr. Bruce Jewels - Founder

Over the last 40 years, Africa Advisory has built up a network of information, contact and influence with institutions, governments and companies internationally. Senior positions with BIAO, Amro Bank, Union Bank of Switzerland and the HSBC group allowed Mr. Jewels rare insight into the African environment. Valuable and in-depth experience was gained through a decade on the Africa Advisory Committee for the British Government.

He has painstakingly peeled the layers of Africa’s intrigue, mystique and inscrutability and can justifiably claim to know corporate Africa from the inside out. In 2000, Mr. Jewels decided to put his expertise, experience and African contacts to work and establish an office in Johannesburg. Believing that the engine room for much activity in Africa is based in South Africa, running successfully for the last sixteen years.

He demonstrates a firm belief in providing African solutions for Africa. His experience includes in-depth knowledge of both Francophone and Anglophone territories where he retains loyal and excellent relationships. His ability to get the job done in ways that are often unique and groundbreaking has earned him the reputation of Africa’s Dealmaker.

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