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Project Finance

Project finance is key to infrastructure development in Africa. Africa Advisory’s access to financial solutions comes from years of painstakingly building and gaining trust and respect, through proving its worth and capacity and, most importantly, by its delivery successes. Africa Advisory’s sole focus on Africa means it understands the business complexities of the region and will produce practical and appropriate solutions. Areas of specialisation include mining, energy, transport, telecommunications and infrastructure. In partnership with MTH Group's Ian Beauchamp, Africa Advisory has developed capacity to negotiate acquisition, sale and funding of commercial and hospitality properties across the Africa continent.

Export and pre-export finance

Africa Advisory facilitates the export finance journey by providing end-to-end finance facilitation in an operation that covers all bases from point of production to delivery at destination. Access to blue-chip financial facilities, extensive client base and longstanding, continent-wide relationships has opened many doors in provision of appropriate financing and associated facilities.

Debt resolution

In the current climate with severe shortages of foreign currency in many of the continents key markets. There is a need for intelligent negotiation of debt solutions. Africa Advisory is well positioned to negotiate solutions for external creditors and suppliers.

Entrepreneurial development

In association with EBN Africa, Africa Advisory is supporting developing incubators which focus on SME initiatives.

Crowd funding

In partnership with KBA Africa, Africa Advisory has established a Crowd Funding platform and is linked into major European platforms. The focus is development of socially beneficial SME development.

Virtual Offices

Africa Advisory is able to host a virtual office in one or more of its regional hubs.

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